#WhyiteachKnowing why one teaches has been the springboard for most successful teacher careers. It not only gives any teacher a sense of clear career direction  and fulfillment. It also generates openness to creativity and innovation which every dynamic teacher should possess as skill set.

I have always known why I am in education and why I teach; it is also to incite the love for learning in every child I encounter – in relationships with my students and in the learning environment.

So let’s know why you teach. We will be giving airtime recharge cards to our most inspiring #WhyITeach quotes. Let the fun begin! 🙂

Update: Following Gina’s reply, we were inspired and we created her own infographic. See below! Don’t forget to share yours too. :=)

#Whyiteachi teach because i love

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  1. #whyITeach.. I teach because I want to be one of those that help mold children, to guide their thoughts ideas and beliefs and learn as I walk with them…. Learning never stops

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