Why do children steal?

Children develop stealing habits from a pretty young age. Their little fingers tend to be sticky, allowing foreign objects to mysteriously find their way into their little pockets. 

Within the school, a lot of teachers have many personal encounters with children who exhibit stealing habits as it does happen frequently.

Before complaining that you are harboring a little thief in your house, take a moment to tell us why you think children steal. 

….and together we will discover how to handle this common problem. Yes, it is common! 

Let’s talk…..

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  1. I am of the opinon that a child steals because of the genes inherited and peer influence. I know many children from very poor parents who do not steal. They are contented with what their parents give them. Doctors have their own way of classifying this condition. It is as a result of an urge that the person cannot control. The Yorubas are proud of saying ” if I don’t have I will beg” .” Omo ba ni a toro”. Parents have to tell their children not to beg or steal. Be content with what you have. Some don’t have and they don’t steal!

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