What is wrong in this picture?

My husband has a friend who believes strongly in flogging or whipping his children and of course using the corporal punishment. He says they are turning out to be the best behaved students in their school. I read this and I think it is worth reading. 

Think of being fed and clothed by children you had whipped — whose flesh you had scarred! Think of feeling in the hour of death upon your withered lips, your withered cheeks, the kisses and the tears of one whom you had beaten — upon whose flesh were still the marks of your lash! The whip degrades; a severe father teaches his children to dissemble; their love is pretence, and their obedience a species of self-defence. Fear is the father of lies.

We all know of many instances where the abused, the maligned, and the tortured have returned good for evil — and many instances where the loved, the honored, and the trusted have turned against their benefactors, and yet we know that cruelty and torture are not superior to love and kindness. 

When the children are young and weak, the parents and teachers who are strong beat the children in order that they may be affectionate/perform excellently. Now, when the children get strong and the parents and teachers are old and weak, should the children not beat them, so that they too may become kind and loving or deserving/exemplary?

Do tell! Do you not think that this picture will only do more harm than good? I am a teacher and I have indeed got the best out of my students without ever using this ‘hideous’ and ‘soul-impoverishing’ method! The ‘post-stone’ age period is long gone. Perhaps, we might be breeding unmindful citizens.

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    1. Don’t forget, not everyone reads the bible! The rod does less good and more damage physically and psychologically to the child and you. Begin by establishing a very close relationship with your children. Use strict and consistent rules, firm words backed up with kindness, punishments/positive reinforcement such as taking away of activities or luxuries/things enjoyed. And most importantly, be the example. If you or your partner were stubborn, don’t expect a child that with zero stubborn traits but manage the child differently. I have noticed that you will always get the best of children if you start early by speaking to their conscience and having an almost perfect access to their heart. You are sure to have very mindful children. However, we can’t all be perfect. Use counsellors and role models to the best of your ability if you need to (need to – because you know your child better if you have successfully established that bond).

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