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Welcome to our new blog address 🙂 . It has been an amazing journey since we decided to move and here we are…yay! As we have often said, we remain the same – bringing you our suggestions and contributions to the Nigerian education sphere. It is our desire to share our ideas to parents, teachers, education administrators, education advocates and you. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive up to date posts on our contributions and activities.

…and we have an announcement to make! The Learning Craft  brings you ‘The Chat Room 1.0 – ALL CHILDREN CAN LEARN’. It is a Q & A interactive media session for all education stakeholders. Topics to be discussed in the chat room include:

● Inclusive Education in 21st Century Classrooms

● Financial Literacy for Special Needs Children

● Can All Children Learn? 

Come and engage in our thought provoking interactive chat sessions as we share ideas. If you’d like to attend this programme, please send an email to [email protected] for an invite. Click picture above for more details. Welcome again to our new blog address. Enjoy it! 

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