WAEC Exam Palaver: the second-guessing game

The  May/June 2012 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results in Nigeria kept me wondering whether or not the results should be a source of celebration.In the last four years, WASSCE results have been depressing. In the May/June 2009 WASSCE, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) said that about 26% obtained credits in English Language, Mathematics and at least three other subjects. In 2010, about 23% of the candidates obtained 5 credits including English and Mathematics. In 2011, about 30% had 5 credits and above in five subjects including English and Mathematics. The 2012 WASSCE saw an increase of about 8% from last year’s performance.
The increase still falls far short of standard expectation. What could be the cause? I am inclined to think that the problem with the results can be traced to the residual systematic failure in education reforms over decades. The time has come for a choice to be made by the government to begin serious systemic reforms in teacher training, proper curriculum implementation and structural development. A few states have begun the long stride towards these reforms by providing teaching aids/equipment and facilitation of training for their staff. It is my impression that therein lies the future of the health of our pre-university education. In this, I am confident.

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  1. This is interesting! When will we start getting it right? I tire o Naija. Who knows if the teachers are busy selling their market in schools instead of entering class. This is a typical case of when a government has failed its people. SMH. Thanks LC for the info.

  2. Back in the day,we use to have like A pararels,I guess students now get bored easily cos its same old style of teaching and our Government is not helping matters either. The best schools now are Private Schools,if you go to my town Oguta in IMO,all the secondary schools there are almost dead,so when u can’t provide good schools and nice environment for the pupils,what do u expect of their results.

  3. Gone are the days when kids read,they ping now. Its so bad that most of these students dont even put any effort at all.During our days,we didnt have a proper environment for learning e.t.c but we still studied despite all. Now blackberry,facebook and all other social networks are what these student study instead of their books.

  4. Haa they failed waec again. Na wao..what facebook,blackberry nd cheap internet can cause. In my own time…na yahoo messenger only,infact by the cybercafe eats your money…you will study your books by force. Sssmsh

  5. Just like ceejay said, i also remembered when people used to clear WAEC with ‘A’ parallels and even if one does not get an ‘A’ parallel, u still pass sufficiently enough as to not have to repeat the exams again. I wonder if these results are inclusive of the very expensive private schools in Nigeria cos if it does, then the whole system has failed. Information is power n how can we be informed without being adequately educated. I have tasted education from two worlds and trust me people the difference is more than clear. You will marvel at the extent learning has gone outside Nigeria. May God help our Nation and grant our leaders wisdom to do things right and stop chasing after the “National Cake”

  6. As much as technology maybe a very big factor that distracts children from education,it is suppose to be major factor enhancing it.It becomes a question of making a choice what you really want to learn.Internets have helped positively than negatively.We are getting educated by the forum through the use of the cheap internet access we are fotunate to have today.Information is power but now it depends on what kind of information the individual person is interested in getting.I do a lot of research and findings on my internet and it helps without having to search 10 textbooks before getting answers.Student who understand the importance of educations still study hard despite the distractions.We should be bothered about how to use technology to develop and achieve the optimum goal of our educational system and not blame technology for the downfall because obviously,it has come to stay!!

  7. I blame this pitiful situation on the advent of these social tools that are readily available to our children: “Facebook”, “Blackberry”, “Playstation” & Xbox”, “Internet”, “Mtv” etc are all contributing factors, given that our society is not able to strike a balance between these factors and education. Parents & guardians, teachers including schools, and the government of the day should put into proper use, these modern vices available to us to effectively improve on the child’s Intelligence Quotient and learning as it is done in the western worlds. The internet for example, is one of the fastest and the most open sources of information in all aspects, so why not use it as an aid instead of an ill; even the TV is another good way of learning if used in the proper way; video games are for leisure, ie the right time; then the Blackberry is a No No….. until they are of the age of 18. We should have a proper censorship management on the use of BB’s for certain age groups and levels of education. I believe in this great, talent-filled country of ours, God bless us.
    God bless you too Learning Craft.

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