Two Classrooms – Two Dreams – Two World’s Apart

I have been away for quite some time and I sincerely apologize. I recently started pursuing an M.Ed and it is certainly taking a toll on my blogging hours. I am back though after having adjusted to a new routine; and it is great to be back doing what I love to do. I hope to be sharing a lot of what I will be learning as it is already getting very interesting. So, I resume with my Valentine’s day thought. 

Tell me, what kinds of dreams could emanate from these two classrooms?

This year’s valentine’s day came to me with thoughts of nicely decorated classrooms; full of colorful and effective teaching aids. The kind that promotes and boosts visual learning as well as inciting the spirit of creativity in children. I thought about how many Nigerian children in their nooks and crannies; in  uncountable classrooms around the country are learning in uncomfortable, uninspiring and drab classrooms. How can I even dare to speak about beautifully decorated classrooms when many children are currently learning without roofs and windows? You probably may not fully put into perspective how quickly a drab classroom can quench an honest desire and hunger for education e.g. the classrooms in my Alma Mater. 

I thought about the kinds of dreams that would come from two children learning at the same time in the separate classrooms above. Can they have similar hopes and dreams? Are they viewing the world the same way? What kind of leaders would they be if they were both to become Presidents in the future? Can they share close leadership qualities?

I thought about the influence of a creatively adorned classroom with goal-oriented visual aids and the direct effect it has on learning and the learners. I thought about as many Nigerian children whose ideologies could have been easily enriched with brilliants thoughts; how their world could have been perceived differently or even changed completely by simply being given the privilege of learning in an ‘effectively decorated’ classroom! 

A perfect valentine’s day gift from me in the future would be to beautifully decorate as many classrooms as I can. 

Reason: To have been able to help to inspire one more child to dare to have an education. Yes, I can because I am certain that a cause such as this one has the capacity to change many lives and indeed Nigeria.

I am hopeful!

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  1. Of course there is. Every child loves bright colours and that includes the teacher. Nothing grabs their attention like the beauty of such classroom. That look with their eyes and mouth wide open makes my day as a teacher anytime.

  2. Very insightful write up I must say.The learning environment is a major indicator for effective teaching and learning.

  3. Hmmm…. LC, your articles always get me thinking. I really do hope that the government will realize how important education is and make it a priority. Until then, let’s all do the much we can. Well done!

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