Top Simple Holiday Activities for Children

Away with school work for now (especially if your child does not need remedial classes)! And even if they do, it is time to ‘unschool’ kids with fun activities and especially away from too many screens. I know how you feel. They can get out their games and watch television for prolonged hours. Naa! Read my last post to see why you should curtail screen time.

So here are very simple games that can be practiced indoors and outdoors. These would get your kids up to a fun vacation this holiday for sure. I would stay away from focusing on getting them to read books of their interest, NOT YOURS; so as to keep their minds running with as much fun and engaging information as possible. Nothing supercedes a reading child. However, this is a time to get them outdoors too as much as possible. 



1. A walk at the beach every other weekend –  Interestingly, all you need is a stick and shovel and careful eyes to ensure your child is constantly by your side.Get them building sand huts and castles or creating potholes and/or building bridges.  

water balloon

2. Water fight – a water fight is a safe and fun group activity for kids – and it’s refreshing on a hot day! This can be done in the comfort of your home at the frontyard if you have one or in an empty garage. 


  • Water balloons
  • Water pistols
  • Garden hose, or pool of water
  • Plastic containers


  1. Using water balloons, water pistols, a garden hose, or a pool of water and some plastic containers, have a water fight with your child.
  2. Invite some of your child’s friends over for the fun.
  3. Serve lollipops or ice-cream afterward.

bubblesgum contest


3. Bubble Contest – We all know where to get bubble bottles. Organize a bubble blowing contest! Mix up some bubble solution, assemble some tools for blowing, and you’re set. Make sure to set clear rules on how to play the game so that older kids can get in the fun. You could do a bubble gum challenge for older kids too….they love it!

game night4. Invite your child’s friends for a game night. Have a kids’ games table and an adult one too if possible or just monitor the games as a guide. Games like scrabble, snakes and ladder, ludo, ayo, monopoly teach children amazing mathematical skills.


5. Grow flowers and vegetables in any space you have – a pot, small can or in your garden no matter how small. You could grow vegetables you can eat in the future. See how popeyed the kids get when they eat what they’ve planted! Who knows? You may be developing a budding farmer!

cooking kid

6. Cook dinner. You may recall feelings of warmth, closeness, and the joy of working together with an adult to create something tasty to eat. Make this routine especially for older kids. Kids who participate in cooking learn very important skills. In addition to nutrition awareness and food-related behaviors, children learn food safety, food history, and new vocabulary during cooking experiences. Children also have opportunities to strengthen and develop fine and gross-motor skills as they participate in cooking tasks like stirring, kneading, and pouring through cooking experiences.

There! Hope you find these useful. Let me know your ideas too. 🙂

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