Top 5 Strategies for Classroom Management

Top 5 Strategies for Keeping Students Learning in a Calm Classroom Environment

Classroom management is a term teachers use to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behavior by students. It also implies the prevention of disruptive behavior, management of group habits and classroom structures.

More often than not, what separates the exceptional teacher from the ordinary is their ability to have great classroom management skills.

To a large extent,all exceptional teachers are classroom consultants. They are experts at managing classroom dynamics around the structure, behaviours and relationships.

Read these star strategies.


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Keep the lesson moving.If you have a forty-five minute period, plan three different activities. Try to get them up out of their seats at least once during the class period. Those students with pent up energy will thank you for it.

Don’t lecture for the whole period. Students who are actively engaged in a learning activity are generally not disrupting the class. Hands-on activities work great for vivacious classroooms.

Talk to your students.If you see them in the hall, in the cafeteria or at the grocery store, ask them how they are. If you see a student in the local newspaper, congratulate them. If they do something nice, tell them that you appreciate their kindness. This lets them know that you really do care about them.

When students are being disruptive by talking, poking, pulling or crumpling paper, go stand by them. This works best with boys. I have taught from the back of the room by the orneriest boys. This sends them a direct message to stop what they are doing. Most of the time they stop and get back to work.

When you have stood by the student, talked to the student and kept them busy with lessons, and they still are disruptive, take them in the hallway. Ask them, “Are you OK?” It has been my experience that they crumble and tell you that they had a fight with their parents, didn’t get up on time or are having other issues. If they are defiant, send them on to the principal.In the last five years, I have sent very few kids to the principal’s office for classroom disruptions.

Children are children.
If they are not actively engaged in the lesson, they will become actively engaged in something else – disruptive behavior. Try these five strategies to keep them learning.



Strategy 1 and 3 are my magic wands. You see, student don’t care about what you know as much as they care about how you make them feel.

It’s what I call the Connection Room. The power of relationships. No matter the idea, technique, strategy or technique you choose to apply, you’ll never be as effective as when you’ve bonded with yout students.

When you do so, believe me, you have their three most important buttons useful for classroom management.
The RBR Buttons – Respect, Belief and Restrain.

After that, you can just press play!

Have a great week ahead exceptionals!

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