The Misconception About Play-way Method

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Children are important informants in education research. We hear this all the time. ‘Play-way method‘ is the best approach to learning during pre-primary schooling…but do our children consider ‘play‘ as part of their learning in our schools?

Is ‘play’ really and truly your school’s practice in the early years?

Is a child’s perception of play activities in school a sharp contrast between self-chosen play and teacher-directed play?

Self-chosen play is play associated with teachers’ absence where they separate play from work. Teacher-directed play is the opposite where play is inclusive and associated with childrens’ school work/learning.

Do your pupils describe play as part of their learning process?

If you ask your pupils what sort of play they participated in school today, will they describe what they learnt in class as part of their play?

If your pupils often describe play in school as both the self-chosen and teacher-directed activities they participate in school; your school can be rest assured that your pupils are ‘truly’ learning. Why? It is a child’s natural state to discover and remember all things efficiently through play!

Play facilities the development of children’s social, cognitive, emotional, language and literacy skills, as well as their creativity.

So teach. Teach our kindergarteners through the play-way method. Its instrumental significance to learning has been  explored and verified over the years. It contributes largely school achievements now and in the future.

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