TELL-A-VISION – The ‘Nicki Minaj’ and company influence

Am I repeating the TV issue? I guess I just can’t help it! The nudity I see in music videos these days…..I cannot shout! How about the ‘kissing’ and ‘love scenes’ in some cartoons?

A close friend of mine (a style/image consultant) in Canada recently wrote a paper on the influence of television on children and youths of today. ‘TELL A VISION’ she termed it, there is more to come from her. 

You see, what we watch directly influences us; it could breed unwanted thoughts and desires unknowingly. The media has influenced self-identity and even caused vulnerabilities and some shameful youthful exuberances! 

My friend said that our ontology (the branch of metaphysics that studies the nature of existence or being), has been influenced by the technological lens. This is true. Girls, are you aware that some of these experiences have gender bias? Watch all the music videos, young girls get exposed for sexual desires and men are meant to sit back and enjoy the view? It is very embarassing and quite sad! This has contributed to the downward slope of gender equality and discrimination. Many teenage women have interesting role models – the Nicki Minajs,  Rihannas, Lady Gagas etc of this world! Don’t get me wrong, they are talented artistes but the image they render in the delicate minds of our youth is my focus.

The sense of style, nudity and sexual innuendos created in the mind of our children/youth undermine the education and opportunities other ‘exemplary’ role models present. Young boys aspiring to look like rap stars; dragging and sagging pants,  using slurred speeches, wearing unbefitting jewellery etc. – this magic world of the Internet and TV screens is changing our children’s lives much more than it should.

I could go on and on but what we must do is to protect our children so they can tell-a-good-vision! The ‘Nicki Minaj persona’ shouldn’t dictate the culture of our tomorrow’s youth.

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  1. Hmmm…. What I do, which I can suggest to other parents/guardians is to be extremely open with the child. Explain to him/her why they shouldn’t watch certain programmes… “Train a child the way he should go….”. This is easier said than done, but we must continue to strive to preserve their innocence for as long as possible.

  2. Sisieko the words ‘train up a child’ is definitely a fact of life. I have to say that it is a difficult thing to stay away from these temptation called TV but it is something that must be seriously done with care especially with kids around. I see young adults follow trends that are meant for the stage on a night show. God help us!!!

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