Stella Mbah on The Teachers’ Lounge

Stella Mbah TL

Welcome to The Teachers’ Lounge.

Introducing our third guest on The Teachers’ Lounge and our very first public school teacher…yay! Know her. Read her thoughts.

Q1. What is your name/where you teach?

A1. My name is Stella Mbah, I teach Mathematics at Eric Moore Junior High School.



Q2. What is your most memorable and most saddest teaching moment?
A2. My most memorable teaching moment was when some JS 2 students describe me as their role model. My saddest teaching moment was leaving my good students when they were about going to SS 3 because I got another job.


Q3. What were your best and worst subjects as a young student?
A3. My best subjects were Mathematics, Physics, Biology  and Economics. My worst subjects was Chemistry.


Q4. If you were not teaching, what do you think you would have been doing?
A4. I would have been a Music Artist and a Model. 


Q5. Why are you are teacher? What inspires you….tell us your ‘TEACHSPIRATION’?
A5. I teach because teaching helps me affect and touch lives positively.


Q6. If you had the wheels to redefine teaching profession, what will you do?
A6. If I had the wheels to redefine the teaching profession, I’ll make teachers’ salaries better and very attractive.


Q7. What does education mean to you?
A7. To me, education means guiding and exposing people to do things right and better.


Q8. Tell us one of your favourite books and why.
A8. My favourite book is The Bible. This is because IT is the best and perfect guide for everyday living. One of my favourite books however is Why you act the way you do byTim Lahaye. It talks so much about dealing with temperament. 


Q9. What is that one thing you’d like parents to know about teachers and teaching in general?
A9. I’ll like parents to know that the upbringing of their children should not be left for the teachers only. They have a major part to play in the upbringing of their children. They should give more to time to appreciating the teachers than complaining.

Don’t you just love her! Special thanks to Stella for stopping by! :) See another picture of her.


IMG_20151030_082708 (1)
Model? Yes!







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  1. Wow…I can’t believe this lady teaches in a puplic school. Her responses are so on point and well thought out. With more teachers like her around than, am sure our public schools are in safe hands.

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