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TETA 2018 – Our Something Big!


So, we have always thought that teachers needed opportunities to extensively learn and equip themselves with evidence based teaching methods, techniques and skills.

Skills that build upon each other to help them actualize their dreams as successful educators. Skills that also provide them with opportunities to attract the very best of jobs as teachers or thrive as education entrepreneurs.

All of this will only be achieved by applying a high level of skill acquisition. An acquisition that could only be developed with a strong sense of commitment to begin learning, consistency to finish learning and finally the dedication to grow.

We also recognize that all this will usually come at a cost. One that is often unpayable by the most intending or willing educators.

Since 2015, after the World Teachers Day with the theme – Empowering Teachers, Building Sustainable Societies, I dreamt and planned to help teachers learn comprehensively from the best hands and minds around in order to grow our society through our classrooms.

Teachers who will raise a generation of thinkers, solvers and creators.

Today, it’s a reality.

2017 World Teachers’ Day is celebrated with the theme – TEACHING WITH FREEDOM, EMPOWERING TEACHERS.

We recognize that freedom can only be truly expressed by a rigorously skilled teacher. Even if you wanted to force it through, soon enough, your unskilled part keeps you away from achieving success with it.

All that and more is the reason why we have birthed THE EXCEPTIONAL TEACHER ACADEMY (TETA).

TETA 2018 brings you the following:

– 1 year of commitment

– 12 evidence based trainings (one each month)

– 3 Live Group Study sessions (designed to brainstorm on unique growth strategies)

– 1-month counselling sessions by trusted education experts

– 4 Mastermind sessions

– Access to partnerships with Education experts

– Internship opportunities for successful trainees at notable organizations.

– TETA Bootcamp – First of its Kind….we shall not spill!

– …and of course loads and loads of resources!

What should you do to become a TETA trainee?

1. Fill the Google form link attached to this post. Read and follow all instructions.

2. Make payment within the time stipulated.

3. Receive Academy schedule by November 20.

4. Be ready to learn. We will be strict.

5. Get ready to soar.

Who’s ready to join the Academy? See flyer for date details. Click TETA link below to register.

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  1. Pls I just saw this, just reading about TETA hope I can still be part of January 17 training

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