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The Olympics was a refreshing period for me. I could not miss these rare live moments happening every four years. Wasn’t Usain Bolt such a delight to watch? I watched and quietly rooted for our Nigerian athletes but was subdued by our apparent poor performance. I saw an interview of a female British gold medalist who was asked whom she would credit her success to. She mentioned a few names but picked the ONE person she would pin it to…….her P.E teacher. She said she was below average at core subject areas but excelled at Physical Education (P.E) and her P.E teacher believed and told her she would be successful. It got me thinking about these three things: dedicated teachers, a healthy P.E department and hard work.
Is it possible we prepare for about three to six months and expect to beat athletes who have exercised a lot of hard work and preparation for 4-8 years? I believe that not all children will be great at Math, Languages, Fine Art or core Sciences because success is diverse. Nigeria may have been able to churn out young successful athletes if the P.E departments in Primary and Post-primary schools were solid. What about a system that could groom children to be successful athletes from early years? There can be continuity in the school system to nurture them into maturity. I enjoyed watching ‘prepared’ athletes do their best during the games. Great job USA, China and my adopted team….Team GB!

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  1. LC!!!! This is soooo true. Not all of us can be rocket scientists. I have always said if I had my way I wouldn’t have gone to university or even studied the course I did. My interests were else where. But there is no provision for courses that are not “mainstream” in Nigeria…. I am glad this platform is here for us to discuss these really worrisome issues. I have always believed change begins with talking…. Ndewo nu!!!:)

  2. Until we change the our rulers,we would never get it right again,we’ve moved from good to worst instead of moving from Good to better and best, not like we lack what it takes to produce champions in any event @ the Olympics but our officials would rather spend the money than using it to train our atheletes.we don’t derive joy no more watching our sports men and women,we rather support other countries, I mean if US can afford to send their people to Kenya and Ethiopia to live and train with them for 3yrs,why can’t we,if Jamaica can afford to train Bolt why can’t we train some1 to be better,we have all these talents but the people up there don’t care and its not good for a country like ours.

  3. The bribery and corruption habits of our sport administrators would strangulate the efforts of the athletes even if they were talented and hardworking. I agree with Albert and sisieko. Must I be what everyone wants me to be? Even if I wanted to be, where will I find the courses in the university? Will people not look down on me if I don’t have a degree just because I decided to follow my talents. So I must just go and study what I feel the society would accept and find a means of living. LC you are doing a great job. I’m very happy to be on this platform.

  4. What do we expect in a stereotyped system?Back in secondary school,we had so many athletes that were very good that could have done better if there talent were chanelled to a proper use to an academy where they will be trained to become professional athletes. Private sectors should also invest and establish Academies for this sporting event for training and to enable us to compete in this event.

  5. I’m in wholesome concord with bellinda’s proposition on this idea of the Academies. Ill-tailored talents take us nowhere. It’s just like toasting up a tasteless food with with the most aromatic spices.
    This is for sure a challenge for the elementary and secondary institutions as well, to “morph” this raw young talents into future champions.

  6. The earlier the better o! The development at the grassroot is the best. It will take ages if something is not done about it now. Who needs the facilities?>>>the children! Go ask China…They were involved in almost all of the games.Trust me, it’s not inborn but learned and developed. It is really not about what blacks are good at, we need to give the children the chance we didn’t have. I want to use this opportunity to encourage parents. Please develop the gift you observe in your children. Change starts from us (individuals).

  7. …..And our “dearly beloved” president has quickly set up a panel to look into the dismal performance of our athletes at the olympics!! As in!!! I could have told him that for free!! Seems common sense aint so common after all! Look at the Chinese, they have a whole “factory” where they train athletes from an early age!!! Then we want to waltz in and win medals as easily as we take bribes? Nonsense!

  8. i would say naigeria should make physical education(P.E) compulsory in the school curriculum up to secondaryor college level, that way the talented ones can be noticed at an earlier stage in life. they should also make it a priority that any one that needs to become a professional athelete must have good grades in school, and they should also provide scholarships for these students that excel in sports as a way of motivation, this is how it is done in america and other developed countries, as long as you are talented you get scholarship up till university level, because talent and knowledge work hand in hand, our student should really be encouraged, that way we can start getting good performances.

  9. Yes the government should take larger parts of the blame.The corruption and strive for power of every citizen trying to take optimum advantage and get maximum benefits of what ever office they have the opportunity of being slated cannot be over-emphasised.Also,a school that’s expected to produce exceptional atheletic students must have a field.How many schools today get government approvals yet don’t have the requirements of what a standard school should?They bribe their way and still parents take their wards.A child is likely to develop more in the psyco-motor domain and lack in all other domains of development.Unless a school system has explored all,they will never findout in which the child can give his/her best performance.This explains why the Maria Montessouri “Child-centered” education in world widely accepted.It allows for the child to choose what he derives pleasures in doing most.To excel in anything,most importantly,it must be what you enjoy doing!!

  10. its a shame to know that our president is from the education sector and he allows the sector to continue in a nose dive.Education,vocation,arts and extra curricullum activities that can help change our future has been relegated to the background and commercialised. We need a rebirth to bring back old values of education. Definately not in this despensation but there is hope for all that are joined to the living. Great work Rhoda!


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