“My child is hyperactive!” (Restlessness in Children)

Chinedu is a child who is always active, cannot pay attention to what is being said to him and does everything without thinking of the consequences of his actions. He is always on the move and exercises zero restrain, touching objects within his reach and exhausting all caregivers around him. He is easily distracted, does not finish tasks and often talks excessively. He has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD).
Research findings by Russell Barkley shows that on average, there are 1 to 3 children who have ADHD in every classroom of 30 students and 3 to 6 more boys are diagnosed than girls. This implies that there are more children with ADHD than we want to think…alarming! Many researchers agree that the problem of restlessness is in the growing brain of the child where the ability to withhold responses develop unusually later than normal but specific causes are not categorically known.
Parents are advised to;

  • notice the behavioral pattern of their child
  • get educated on the nature of special needs for the child
  • support the caregivers who are challenged by this experience by giving more useful information on managing the child
  • explain the importance of the teacher’s behavioral responses around the child. This is absolutely important because the reaction of the teacher/caregiver is relevant to academic and social improvement.
Some ADHD get better with age especially in mild cases studies suggest. About half may manage their behavior, between 33% to 50% will continue till they are adults. The most persistent type of behaviors displayed are in learning challenges and disobedience.

I understand that many parents are unaware of this condition in our country. Those who know may not be totally accepting of it. If a parent finds that they have a special-needs child, it certainly isn’t out of place to get the caregivers and the school fully involved. If parents provide complete information about their child, a lot more children will be successful at school. No one should be worried about them being treated with special attention, when that’s exactly what they require. It is important to note that ADHD can be mostly outgrown, the essence of this piece is to improve the learning potential of our children.

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  1. Funny enough I just discussed this issue with my friends this morning,I never knew its a disease but I think parents should seek help in handling those kinda kids,you remember the link I gave you about a boy who was deriving fun beating up yoounger kids and babies.nice work sis keep it coming

  2. Thanks Albert. ADHD is not a disease but a condition. The video you sent of a boy inflicting pain and abusing younger and vulnerable children is not been identified to be associated with ADHD. He is a seriously disturbed child. ADHD in children does not necessarily make them have a desire to subject other children to pain. It just makes them overly restless.

  3. Thanks every body, will like get some advice on how someone can take responsibiltiy in battle of the ADHD as one claim it to be a disease in some childreen life,and i accepted that ADHD in children does make then to subject to other lifes.it makes them restless or over play,some time gives nose bleeding if i am right?.

  4. wow. I am really so glad about the awareness this blog creates. A lot of adult went through this ADHD as kids and some still carried it over somehow but i guess some outgrew it. Nice work dear. visit cartoohlz.blogspot.com

  5. Wonderful job LC. awareness in this society of ours is important bcos we tend to take a lot for granted, especially in the aspect of this type of rare case of “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”. This is suffered by a great deal of children in our society. I vividly remember as a primary school pupil, I witnessed some pupils with this syndrome but it was seen as normal, ie they were misunderstood for being troublesome and restless, not knowing that these were imminent issues to worry about.

  6. Its better to ave hyperactive child than to ave a dunce .All U ave to do is get him or her connected to things he or she can’t do WITHOUT. If U are so lucky to ave more than one then U ave to ask God for DIVINE intervention.

  7. For hyperactive children; reduce their sugar intake, have their day’s activity planned out 2 including mild ones to calm them down. Give a lot of tasks that’ll cause them to reason and think before execution, not forgetting to include ‘nap/ siesta time’ if you can acheive that. For children under 5, some activities such as lacing, beading transferring/ pouring activities using small sized beads / containers are good so as 2 allow d child work patiently. Also, prevent too much xposure 2 d TV, outdoor activities are better 4 such children. Proper educative children’s CD/ Cbeebies will b appropriate. So apart from trusting and believing in your child, pray 4 such a child and be firm in giving out instructions( let your word be bond).

    1. I appreciate dis piece of info! I av a son whose 6 and exhibits all! But I love Joylaz advice and I’ll try it out!above all wit God I know he’ll outgrow it soonest! I also advice against discouraging such kids 4RM expressing themselves, dis might make Dem timid and withdrawn! God Bless or cuties

  8. There should be a balance for kids. They shouldn’t be hyperactive or dull either. visit bellazbasement.blogspot.com

  9. parents who have children with this condition should understand that sometimes for a few of them,it comes with age and they outgrow it at some point in life while for the others it goes on and on to adulthood as Lc stated.pls dont be discouraged.a lot of them are very intelligent.just make sure you avoid anything that will add to it and try to love them more.calm their spirit and make them happy.engage them too.u will find out that they will be happy and u too.

    All the best parents.

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