Looming Teachers’ Strike

The Chairman, National Union of Teachers, Lagos Chapter, Mr. Samson Idowu, has said  teachers will go on an indefinite strike come September 21, if the Lagos State Government fails to  fully implement the 27.5 per cent  increase in salary in line with  the new Teachers Salary Scale.

While speaking to journalists, Idowu said that the state government had only paid nine per cent out of the 27.5 per cent.

“We had a meeting with the Lagos State Government on Wednesday and they said that the remaining balance would be included in the 2013 budget. This should not be so. Why do teachers have to wait so long. We are not going to relent on our proposed strike until the Lagos State Government hearkens to our demand. We want this money paid this year. This money has been due since 2008.

“Come September 24, the Lagos State government will see the other side of teachers. We will come in full force. No going back; enough is enough,” he said.

Now, this is partly the reason for the decline in student- knowledge output; Low motivation and remuneration of teachers. These teachers should take a cue from the ongoing Chicago teachers’ strike and doggedly speak up for themselves.

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