Introducing your CELEBUTORS™ and CELEBRIKIDS™

Just like Oprah, I love and celebrate teachers. That is why it’s no surprise to me that I became one; but a good number of people who know me well still wonder how come. I guess I was just born a teacher. From the inception of this blog, I always planned to create a page that will celebrate the people who played a major part in your lives; most of which you may never forget – your best TEACHERS. You are all invited to share yours too and this is how it goes! 

This page is called CELEBUTORS™. Notable teachers will be celebrated daily or weekly depending on certain criteria. The information needed for entry is simple:

  • name
  • school 
  • years of experience
  • subject/s taught
  • achievements – special recognition, contribution to the school and/or education
  • favorite student taught/reasons (this could be your most improved student)
  • inspiration to the teaching profession
  • Celebutor gist ( hobbies, favourite books read, favourite destination etc)
  • changes you would like to see happen in Education in Nigeria

We celebrate your teacher as you get your old school mates to comment on the effect the particular teacher had on you. The teacher with the highest number of comments wins recognition on TheLearningCraft blog. Schools may celebrate their best teachers and administrators; they can get their colleagues and students to comment.

So, there it is! Celebrate your teachers here. Send a mail with the completed profile and picture. However, entries will be reviewed so we celebrate worthy Celebutors. Looking forward to this. I have a long list of Celebutors!

Coming soon…..CELEBRIKIDS™. 
Celebrating excellence in students from all areas (and they don’t have to be ‘Einsteins’). My intention is to celebrate success stories of children from a wide skill area; Music, dance, drama, poetry, speech, Math, Languages, Science, playing instruments, sports, handwriting, respect, etc.

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