Into the minds of 10-year old Nigerian kids

Mr Jimi Disu and I
I had the privilege of being on a radio program called ‘The Discourse’ with Mr Jimi Disu on Classic FM 97.3, Lagos. I also had an ‘aha’ moment being on the programme two Sundays ago as it has certainly become one of those experiences I would always remember. A group of four 10 year olds took us on a trip into their thoughts about Nigeria. One thing stuck with me; they are aware of the putrefaction that is currently holding sway in Nigeria and they want NOTHING to do with it.

I left with a great sense of hope believing that our children are becoming aware of the necessity for change. Asked if they would want to become political office holders in the future, they all unanimously said “NO”! Shocking, isn’t it? Can’t say the same for my 7 year old son who has one of his dreams to become the President of Nigeria. We tell him that he must begin his journey by growing up to be a man of example, one who will match his words with actions, one of exemplary character and intelligence. He always gets excited as that is for him, the easier part (in his words)!

I was equally proud of the kind of education these 10 year olds have been exposed to (all private schools). However, I sadly acknowledge that I cannot confidently say the same for majority of Nigerian kids who have to be in our public schools. Hence, these sensitive perceptions and conclusions made by the four kids on the program do not represent the views of our average 10 year old in the country today. I can say that we have a growing population that are significantly well educated who can make corrections by commensurate thought processes, important discourse and actions.

The kids on the program were articulate and informative – an expository essay of what may become Nigeria tomorrow.

Here are some photos from the show with the kids and I. Great kids!
lovely kids
I was quite surprised at some of their views!

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  1. I came in contact with an 8yr old who can’t spell his name. I was heart broken to say the least….

    The situation is getting worse. When will our government make education a priority?

    For those of us whose kids are privileged to attend private schools such as the ones on the radio show. Their intelligence is limitless. They are so aware of everything around them and like you said do not want to be a part of the mediocrity. I listened in to the show and was proud of how articulate the children were.

  2. Rhoda
    It was a very touching experience for me and at the end of the program i was glad none of you saw the tears in my eyes.have you forgotten the 4 year old who listens to radio and insisted that i want to talk to jimi disu and now says i am her best friend.Have you forgotten one of them who said those who engage in corruption in this country should be killed to set an example.
    PUBLIC SCHOOLS?Perhaps we should try them next time ,you never know what they might come up with.God bless you Rhoda.

  3. Thanks Jimi.I can feel the passion you have as well as Rhoda.its a sad situation.However,we hope for a better tomorrow.

  4. This is so touching to know that our children knowhow much bad examples we have in this nation so much so that they do not desire political office positions. thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. just like Jimi said, I thinit will be nice to bring children in from public schools. I really hope for a better tomorrow. thanks guys.

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