Activities Some of Us are Doing During This Long Holiday

My good friend Dr. Julz came up with a hashtag which I have happily adopted – #SummerForLess. She is of the opinion that parents should make this long holiday period worthwhile. One that should be targeted at developing parental involvement and enriching bonds with children, getting to know what innate skills their children have other than school work (at home) while paying less or nothing for summer camps that are available this period.

It can be a hard sell for parents that are quite busy at work for the most part of the day. However, parents can make out time to engage in meaningful activities with their kids as this helps not only to build well adjusted, confident adults in the future. They set a strong foundation in helping children build interpersonal, cooperation, communication and entrepreneurial skills (which are 21st century skills) in children. Some of these skills learnt and/or developed at home become quality lifelong skills found in exceptional individuals. I quite agree with her.

We are creating very simple home made games. The idea is for it to be home grown, simple, fun and engaging. Just simple and cost next to nothing. You could even come up with other activities that may cost more if you can afford to. The goal is for you – the parent – to participate fully in these activities.

Here’s my home made Snakes and Ladder game. My kids made this (of course with guidance from me). It doesn’t look like much but it did much more for them and I – as we enjoyed creating together – the laughs, arguments, questions, answers, opinions, solutions finding etc. They came up with all ideas and materials. Such an amazing time we had with it. Priceless moments! 

Materials used: Old greeting card ( made out hard construction paper), markers, paper tape, ruler, Scissors. 

Snakes and Ladders

After lunch or dinner (depending on when I am home), we take about an hour building and playing. I am currently looking at home grown word games using our local language, building other games using construction papers and participating in outdoor games like planting vegetables we could use in making soups in the future, doing water balloon fights and cooking in general.

Here’s Dr Julz’s. (click on her name to follow her) 

#improvisingMum #TreasureHunt #summerForLess

Fun activity for the kids – Hide paper clues around the house. Make sure they are not literal and place them far from each other. For example, “you rest your head on me when you sleep” is one clue then “mummy cooks here” is another. It got them running round the house and I got a good 1:30hrs sleep from them after all the excitement. Spend quality time with your kids this summer. The reward was a home made treasure chest with fake coins. The last thing you want is a computer game/ iPad junkie of a child. Next activity: An evening stroll to the playground.

dr julzI love it when moms get into their inner creative instincts to come up with something their kids would love doing. No one should know your child more than you. Parents are a child’s first set of teachers. If you really look around the home, you will find materials you can use. Don’t stress.

Please share yours and you never know, it may just appear here! 

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