Happy Father’s Day Dads!


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Father’s Day is certainly not as respected and popularly observed as Mother’s Day. There is a simple reason for this. Although many have difficult issues with their mothers, there is no doubt as to the extent a mother’s love and endurance can reach. The same isn’t as exact for fathers . This may be because men have a more difficult time expressing their feelings to their children, and many children go through life with the mistaken notion that their fathers don’t love them as much as their moms. This can be a disaster because fathers generally love their children dearly and often work long hours so that they can raise their children in comfort.
So….to all fathers…

  • Children need a Daddy

    Children need a Daddy
    For many, many things:
    Like holding them high off the ground
    Where the sunlight sings!

    Like being the deep music
    That tells them all is right
    When they awaken frantic with
    The terrors of the night.

    Like being the great mountain
    That rises in their hearts
    And shows them how they might get home
    When all else falls apart.

    Like giving them the love
    That is their sea and air,
    So diving deep or soaring high
    They’ll always find him there.

    ~ by Nicholas Gordon


Stay with us on the 26th of June,2015 on Twitter as we would be using the hash tag #TLCChatRoom to engage in conversations about how ‘All Children Can Learn’. See previous post for details in our e-flyer.

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