Groomology 101 (School Success)

Don’t get it twisted (in my D’Banj voice), school success begins at home. This goes to all – uncles, aunts, intending moms and dads, moms, dads and grannies.

Interests are important. Interests well groomed translate to skills. Skills become passion. Passion drives perfection. The Chimamanda Adichie’s, Asa’s, Mikel Obi’s, Bez’s, Mary Onyali’s etc…imagine Nigeria full of skilled and passionate citizens.  

Let the child find books that interest them. Don’t overlook graphic novels, magazines, recipe, cook and comic books or even books that will not interest you BUT interest them (books that are informative). The idea is for them to keep reading. You should chat about what they are reading in /out of school topics and get more books to support. The best gifts for children/teenagers are the gifts of books, you should try it.

Encourage critical thinking. Help them succeed by asking questions, make them give examples and assist in understanding concepts taught but please DO NOT force answers. We (the teachers) can tell at the ‘bat of an eyelid’ who supplied those answers…….yes, we  can! Watch out for those ‘elusive’ lesson teachers too! Some just want to get gone, so always find out yourself what the kid knows. Critical thinking helps children perform well in school at EVERY age.

Have routine talks with the school counselor and teachers. Ask a lot of questions that will throw more light to the child’s personality. Create a challenging academic schedule that would deepen success skills but make sure to strike a balance. Do not put too much pressure but encourage them such that they gradually master skills that will help further studies. In summary:

  • be involved
  • reinforce at home – 20 minutes a day will make a huge difference
  • communicate concerns and questions
  • lead by example

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  1. I love Bez and I believe that academic success begins at home. I have included your blog on my blogroll. Great articles.

  2. LC!!!! you are bringing it on!!! I especially love the part that says LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Brilliant piece. Keep it up.

  3. This is one of your best yet LC: we need to remind ourselves of what is important, and regularly too! family (which includes having the right ppl around) does play a crucial role in grooming. thanks to ppl like you…it will begin to sink-in even more. keep it coming!!!

  4. I just read ur piece on grooming n its very informative but I think u forgot one n I feel its very important; RESPECT; our children should be taught respect for elders, rules, society, authority n self from home. Its something we are loosing now n it goes a long way to play an important role in there behaviour n attitude in school n to school work n understanding.

  5. for a while i thought u read my mind, just what I was thinking this morning , teach the children to think critically, reason , let them ask questions Read , Read and Read some more, not ruling out play time completely like u said balance is key and then u crowned it all by saying Lead by example , very important , if parents and teachers like myself can lead by example then we Will be able to achieve 80% cooperation with ease from our children.

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