God Made Teachers!

Another year has come again for teachers around the world to be recognized and celebrated. As an educator myself, I have had the privilege of working with so many wonderful teachers. Teachers who would skip a much needed cup of tea/coffee to recuperate before getting back to their classes; but stop to attend to the ‘endless speaking’ child. Teachers, who no matter the circumstances are always sensitive to the needs of every child they encounter. I dare to say that Teachers are the greatest of people with the greatest of minds!

The slogan for this year’s celebration is ‘A Call For Teachers’.

This year, UNESCO’s work on quality teachers for global citizenship and cultural diversity is celebrated. 
According to UNESCO, teachers develop learners’ abilities to build a sustainable future with citizens who are able to take action in their own communities and contribute to global challenges.

If there is a list of countries in dire need of teachers, Nigeria would be at the top of that list. Our number of out-of-school children is very high making the teacher-student ratio absolutely incommensurate and difficult.  There are many calls to get Nigeria’s education system back in order, but the hard truth remains that we will not be successful at this quest without taking strong measures to hire, train and retrain a whole lot more of teachers to man the present and future classrooms.  How can this be done?

  • building a strong regulatory framework within the education sector upon which measures will be taken to ensure that policies have no loopholes,  and are followed through and through. The framework must be able to detect any incompetent activity within the sector. 
  • establishing lasting institutions within the regulatory framework
  • building many more teacher colleges
  • revamping the teaching profession ( by making it relatively lucrative)

Nigerian children need a new breed of perceptive, informative and resourceful teachers. Teachers who will safeguard Nigeria’s future by equipping our populace with basic numeracy/literacy skills and global citizenship skills as they infuse our wide cultural diversity. Students in turn become self-reliant, and better equipped to take action for themselves and their communities. 

Teachers’ Day appreciates teaching and the people who have opted for this profession. 

To all teachers in the world…….HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!!!!!

God Made Teachers 

God understood our thirst for 

And Our Need To Be Led

5th from the left…..with some great teachers I know

By someone wiser;
He needed a heart of compassion,
Of encouragement, and patience;
Someone who would accept
The Challenge Regardless Of The
Someone who could see potential
And believe in the best in others . . .
So he made teachers
– Author Unknown

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