From the lips of a 15 year old author – Groomology 102 (School Success)

Yes…..from the lips of a 15 year old author of ‘No fault of Mine’ named Ruth Momodu !

These young minds know more than we think they know or more than we will like them to know.

The falling standard of our education cannot be blamed on low parental involvement completely because there are many factors to consider. Factors that include teacher quality, training, methods of teaching, student preparedness, curriculum effectiveness and delivery, infrastructure and poor governance.

It is seemingly rare but you could find good teachers that will influence a child’s intellectual abilities positively without parental assistance or guidance. This usually happens when the teacher has begun to play the role of a parent in the child’s life. However, a parent’s influence on the education of their child can be termed to be magical! From my experience, it has literally moved grades up from an ‘F’ to a ‘D’, and a ‘C’ to an ‘A’ . It also affects character formation; it goes as much as to transform a child with a low esteem to one with a soaring confidence; changing a person from exhibiting bullying acts to a character that is exemplary.

And her sources of inspiration? I am excited that she recognizes and follows these two great Literary icons. Ruth Momodu is a Learning Craft CELEBRIKID™. Read her story…

Fifteen-year-old playwright, Miss. Ruth Momodu, has blamed the falling standard of education in the country on parents who neglect their responsibilities towards their children. Momodu, a pupil of Westminster International College, Lagos, who spoke at the public presentation of her book titled, ‘No fault of Mine’ in Lagos on Saturday, said though schools were instituted to impart knowledge into pupils, that was not enough for parents to relent in instilling morals and discipline in their wards.

She said, “Parents must not only teach morals but should assist in discovering and developing their children’s talents as a way of contributing to the nation’s development because we believe we are the future of Nigeria.

“I started writing about five years ago. Then, I was 10 years old but my parents have been helpful by encouraging me and putting me through to do better. Now, I have other unpublished works. Nigeria will be great and our education sector will also regain its lost glory when the government, youths, students, teachers and most especially the parents, decide to play their roles.”

Speaking on her source of inspiration, Momodu said the literary works of two novelists of international repute, Professors Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe encouraged her to become a writer.

She noted, “The duo are literary icons making Africans relevant in the world with their works. They are my mentors, and young people like us need to start now to sustain this legacy after their exit.”

Also, the author’s mother, Mrs. Rita Momodu, urged parents to discover the potential in their children, adding that it was one of their core responsibilities.

She said, “The greatest investment is to invest in your wards. When we invest in children, we are investing in our tomorrow and even in the nation’s future. Parents must be ready to assist their children to succeed.”

What more can I add to that?  Click to read Groomology 101 (School Success)

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  1. I am so happy for her. With the advent of social network and kids her age having acess to it…I am really surprised that this kid has time to write novels. Kudos to her and more teens should see take her as a role model. Bella

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