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Is the teacher a babysitter and a depository of knowledge filling children with all kinds of information? Or is the teacher a guide, facilitator and co-learner in a learning environment? Isn’t teaching meant to be complemented with engaging parenting? Excellence in education will occur through modifications to the teaching and learning processes. Structural changes by education institutes go a long way too, but parental involvement is considered unrivaled. I have seen a good number of parents have huge expectations from teachers. Can there be real excellence without a close parent and teacher connection?

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  1. This is a gateway to a deeper understanding of our now mundane system of Education,its a good pulsating jerk to reality why we should really check out the triangle of the student/parents /the teacher relationship;and this write up is absolutely educative,an eye opener and a thorough expantiative text that must be read,thanks a lot Rhoda for this beautiful course,its one of its kind…….. Also Ȋ̝̊̅’ll want to please tell us the parents/techer’s role in the moulding of a student’s behaviour and character,and what’s needs to be done nd adhered to?

    1. Thanks a lot Mandy. Most parents tend to think that the onus is on the teacher to mould their child’s character. The teacher can through the system create orderliness but it is the parent who creates the foundation for character to be nurtured. A teacher can try to refine behavior but results will be much higher with parental control. Parents could closely relate with teachers so they both can work it out…..but if the child lacks parental control, results could turn out low. However, there are a few cases where students have seen certain teachers as their role model and positive changes occur just for that. What percentage is that?
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