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Certainly, it is not useful for us to continue to pay lip service to what our education should be. Our hands must work and get dirty if we want to ever experience good education in Nigeria again. We ALL have to work hard to see that our EDUCATION WORKS.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, business leader, or simply a member of our community that cares about the future of our local economy, you’ll need to participate to see how our local classrooms and indeed schools are working to give our students the skills they need to succeed in school, and in life.

Supporting our students, teachers and schools impacts the future for all of us.

Education that Works is about reflecting the real world in the classroom – where students have authentic experiences with solving real-world problems that they are going to experience if they are going to lead in the future.

In a nutshell, education that is career-wide orientated; with special focus on skills & competencies that are needed in the job market and those that create jobs.

When stakeholders look away, under appreciate or are weakly informed, it’s harder to achieve.

Straight to the point.

Get involved. Collaborate. Support wholeheartedly. Ask the right questions. Volunteer so you know how it really works.


Teachers & School Administrators
Research on best practices. Develop them. Learn new methods, skills and tricks. Read. Apply emotional teaching and learning EVERY TIME.


Business community.
Commit to support. Donate. Adopt struggling schools. Get to rural areas where you have business interests or not; support teacher training and school equipment efforts. Celebrate teachers efforts. Offer student scholarships.


Invest honestly and heavily! Invest in teacher education. Insist on best practices. Give teaching a facelift. Higher the country’s best hands. Equip every classroom and laboratory. Tighten the institutional loopholes. Invest in technology. Make your curriculum matter. Build local content with global concerns at heart.



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