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I am a mother, child educator and curriculum researcher. I love to teach. My yearning for ‘real’ conversation on Education has led to the birth of this blog. Education is a life tool needed to survive in an evolving world. I have had the privilege of experiencing what Education should represent and how it could be applied. I welcome you to my world: passionate about contemporary concerns in Nigerian Education. It’s a place I’d like to share my thoughts. I invite you to share your thoughts and take on issues pertaining our Education.

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  1. My husband will always say and i quote, “if education is expensive, then try ignorance.” I indeed agree with it and just like you said, education is a life tool without which, i wonder where we will all be today. In some way, we are always learning, whether formal or informal. I really love this blog and i hope everyone out there comes on board to spread this message. Keep the good working going.

  2. The idea is really to keep the message going such that everyone participates by sharing thoughts and collective experience. I sincerely agree that ignorance is expensive and is costing Nigeria. Hence this blog: education for readers by the readers.

  3. hi,learningcraft,a good leader is one who take another to where he/she ought to be not want to be.u r one of a that kind.this blog is innovative, motivative and inspiring.take it to the top cos parents/teachers/schools need it.

    1. Thanks Chioma. It is my inspiration to get us together through this blog to document our thoughts. Get everyone to see the brighter picture.

  4. my problem with the Nija(pardon the lingual) Educational system is the proliferation of schools. everywia(pardon again) u turn u see a structure being converted 2 a school. its obvious the primary aim of our educational system (every school included) is Money 1st knowledge 2nd.
    Knowledge is meant 2 be sort after-,a good education is a privilege not an entitlement. so there is no need for the multiple corner shops(sorry schools)…………………

    1. Thanks Osita. A good education should be priority-it will be a shame to see educators put monetary gains ahead quality learning. In your words, the spring of these “multiple corner shops” has to be checked. Thanks for your comments.

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