Does ‘texting’ put grammar at risk?…txt, 2day, fone etc

Almost everyone who sends text messages tends to occasionally or frequently as the case may be, use shorthand or  a variety of abbreviations for words. It is now difficult for many to write in social media  using proper spellings and honestly it has become quite embarrassing and difficult to read some texts. I’m sure most people will agree with me on this one. But does this shortened language of ‘text-speak’ as I’d like to call it, have a negative effect on student’s grammar skills? According to a recent study, YES it does!

A group of 11-15 year olds were surveyed on the amount of texts they sent and received. The survey was followed up with a grammar test that was focused on the usage of punctuation, possessives, apostrophes and comma. It was found that the more often a student sent and received text messages using text-speak, the worse their grammar was! Shocking? I think not! Whatever is practiced often becomes a part of you obviously.

It is time for everyone to control the usage of text-speak and if you have to, use it sparingly. Encourage your teenagers to practice using full/correct spellings  and punctuation marks as much as possible. English Language is a pre-requisite to entry into any university around the world. They shouldn’t have to begin to jeopardize their opportunities in any small measure, especially not through ‘text-speaking’.

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  1. For me, I don’t use abbreviations all the time. It depends on who I am writing to and the occasion. Suffice it to say I use only informally. I think that should be the same for everyone. My 2cents!!! L8r!!!! Lollll

  2. If everyone will use abbreviations properly I think it won’t matter. As long as you can use it at proper occasions like Sisieko has said then it should not affect be a problem but to make it a daily use will help the destroy grammar skills in children. Una don hear am?! The research has proven it. Thanks

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