Conference & Talks

Our work with our education community is important to us. It is our way of sharing and coming together. Check below for things we have ongoing for you.

Teachers' Network Conference

Training teachers for effective learning. The Learning Craft Teachers’ Network® is a unique gathering for teachers and educators to share transformative thoughts and ideas that aim to redefine education.

Why this conference?

The aim of the conference is to talk about the importance of teachers and teaching – what matters to teachers, the core values of the education profession and getting abreast with global best practices.

Its vision of this networking workshop is to provide our teachers with a forum for professional development exchanges, that will help them reimagine the ‘learning-sphere’. We hope that this gathering will also provide an atmosphere for positive connections and interaction with one another, sharing ideas and personal experiences.

Who can participate?

Participants include – teachers, proprietors (school owners), education leaders/advocates, policy makers and other experts. These groups of professionals will constitute the panel of contributors for the sessions.


TeachArt® is a non-profit initiative that cultivates ideas, innovation, and creativity among educators. It provides a collaborative platform for conversations focused on teaching and learning, fostering the exchange of insights and experiences within the teaching profession.

Engaging conversations toward impacting teaching, learning, and education.