CELEBUTORS Spotlight: Education is Giving back as PTA of St Saviours School Ikoyi, Lagos ‘adopts’ the Canal Primary School, Orile Lagos

Who are CELEBUTORS™ on The Learning Craft? CELEBUTORS™ include persons, institutions, groups and individuals who promote, support and inspire educational development in and for Nigerian Schools. Here are some CELEBUTORS™ we definitely want to know about.

Nine months ago, an unsuspecting set of school pupils and teachers of the Canal Primary School, Orile Lagos had strange visitors walk into their school. They will soon learn that they were all members of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the St. Saviours School Ikoyi, Lagos; who upon being told about the degrading environment and near absence of teaching aids in their school had decided to pay them a visit. Kingsley Omose, a legal practitioner and philanthropist had taken the message of the unacceptable condition of the Canal School with pictures and persuaded his colleagues to come to their rescue. 

The core of Education has never been one of profit making. From Informal to Non formal and Formal education, the desire to transfer knowledge has always stemmed from the dreams of selfless persons or groups who appreciate the power of education as a wheel for human improvement.

Since that decision early this year, change has come gradually for good with donations of teaching and learning aids to the children and their teachers. Just last week, with the support of MTN, items worth thousands were given to the Canal School. Items such as 10 white boards,  generating set, 8 tables and chairs for teachers who had none, 2 laptops, DVDs, printers and several educational materials and cash donations were given to the school to get fuel and keep the generator running anytime the lights go out for the comfort of the students.

The Chair person of the PTA, Bolanle Gobir said “we are doing this for the love of children which is our theme in  St. Saviours School PTA this year. We believe that these are the future of Nigeria and we must support them”. He added “we have adopted Canal School Orile as our ‘baby’ and we will do everything to watch it grow”….

….and tears of joy filled the space.

Talking about the future of Nigeria, the PTA of St. Saviours School Ikoyi are the future that is today’s Nigeria…… CELEBUTORS™ of our time!

I am so proud of them.

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  1. Its a good initiative am happy schools like St. saviours are waking up to the fact that if they don’t partner with schools in areas like orile and co.those kids will grow up to terrorise the children in these high brow schools

  2. The PTA of this school do have a big heart. It takes that St. Saviours Ikoyi is headed in the right direction for a long time to come if they can of their own volition adopt another school. Great happenings from a great group. Celebutors – LC I like this name too!

  3. There is always a reason for things to happen. There is someone who will be great at the school in Orile hence this kind gesture from a wonderful group of people in the form of PTA.

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