Bursting Education Myths – Myth 2: Homework Boosts Achievement

There is no evidence that this is true. In Finland, students have higher achievement with little or no homework and shorter school hours. The more important factor is what students experience during the school day. Project-based learning, as one example, places the emphasis on what is done during the day. If students choose to do more after hours, that’s their choice. There also may sometimes be other good reasons to assign homework, but there should be no illusion that homework will help increase student achievement.

The Learning Craft: We know that any classroom that is full of engaging activities would encourage lifelong love for learning. The experiences given or shared within the environment of the teaching – learning process is usually a ‘clincher’. Students take more from this sort of classroom experience than most other places. 
Homework should given when the teacher deems it necessary as the case may be OR given as a project. The type and duration of homework should be done according to age  group and most importantly the students should do it themselves. 

  • Note to teachers: You know when that homework is not done by the child, insist they repeat it and do it by themselves.

  • Note to parents: Homework is given so that you can help your child if the need arises, please resist the eagerness to do your child’s homework  for them.  You do more harm than good. 

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