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Guest – The Teachers’ Lounge

TL Memeh

Welcome to The Teachers’ Lounge.

Our maiden edition begins with Mrs Memeh Onaivi – our first guest on The Teachers’ Lounge. The door to the lounge is open. Hear her.

Q1. Your name/Where you teach/What you teach.

A1. I am Memeh Onaivi. I teach the Nursery Class at  the Lebanese International School, Yaba Lagos State. My children are averagely 3 years old so as expected I teach them everything….Math, Science, English Language, Phonics, Songs and Rhymes, Art and Dance!

Q2. What is your most memorable teaching moment? Saddest teaching moment?

A2. Most memorable moments are with my first private student Rita. She was almost mine….we worked hard, played hard, fought hard. It was inconvenient for me sometimes but in my head she needed me, so I gave her all.

Saddest moments are in June :-)….at the end of our school year. It’s bittersweet actually. My kids are all grown and moving on. I always hope I’ve done all I could possibly have. And I’m thankful for the opportunity of every child. 

Q3. What were your best and worst subjects as a young student?

A3. Best – English Language     Worst – Math

Q4. If you were not teaching, what do you think you would have been doing?

A4. I’d be in some sort of communication with people. I am a people person.

Q5. Why do you teach? What inspires you….your ‘TEACHSPIRATION’!

A5. June. The month of June because I love when the kids come to me raw….I can see their world through their eyes and I get to give them everything. I can imagine who they will be and all they can do by June….how much they will grow. 

Q6. If you had the wheels to redefine the teaching profession, what would you do?

A6. I would correct the notion that “a teacher’s reward is in heaven”. People need to appreciate what we do, today, now. Teachers go above and beyond for children who become theirs at heart only.

Q7. What does Education mean to you?

A7. Education means Building Tomorrow Today.

Q8. Tell us one of your favourite books and why?

A8. The Inheritance by Judith Micheal. It tells about a young lady who fought to make herself and her life a standard. Regardless of all stumbling blocks.

Don’t you just love her! Special thanks to Memeh Onaivi for stopping by! 🙂


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