Andrew Otike on The Teachers’ Lounge

TL Andrew Otike

Welcome to another exciting interview on The Teachers’ Lounge.

Introducing our fIfth guest on The Teachers’ Lounge – Andrew Otike. Enjoy!

Q1. Your name, where and what you teach.
A1. My name is Andrew Otike, I’m a corps member in Rivers State, teaching Business Studies.
Q2. What is your most memorable and most saddest teaching moment?
A2. (a) Most memorable,maybe when I stood before people older than I was lecturing them(at my alma mata)
(b)when I was teaching ss3 students accounting and one of them was like”its like this is your first real teaching experience”
Q3. What were your best and worst subjects as a young student? Why?
A3. My best subject had to be Government cos its seemed easy for me and my worst was definitely Physics-too much formulas to cram.
Q4. If you were not teaching, what do you think you would have been doing?
A4. Medical doctor or a lawyer definitely.
Q5. Why do you teach? What inspires you….tell us what we call your ‘TEACHSPIRATION’?
A5. What inspires me is that I have the gift of imparting of knowledge. I want to make things easier for students.
Q6. If you had the wheels to redefine teaching profession, what will you do? How would you go about it?
A6. I would start rebuilding the education sector from the roots by putting committed and like-minded people in strategic positions to build(if possible from the scratch).
Q7. What does Education mean to you?
A7. Education is what you still retain even after the teacher has left the class.
Q8. Tell us about the favourite book you have read and why.
A8. Think Big,maybe because the writer was giving a true picture of his humble beginning and how he made it in life by thinking big.
Q9. What is that one thing you’d like parents to know about teachers and teaching in general?
A9. Teachers are under-appreciated in our society presently and the profession is not easy but I know there are dedicated ones out there putting their hearts to this profession,let your support and appreciate them wherever we see them.
Q10. After Youth service, will you continue teaching? What are the real problems faced by the children you teach that you want to play a part in helping?
A10. Yes, definitely, my long term goal is to be a lecturer/professor and teaching in secondary schools will be a “stepping stone” for me.
One of the problems they face is the issue of understanding/ being carried along,I want to help them understand subjects that are complex like Accounting. I want to make them realize its not as hard as they think. I will go through extensive study of as much as 3 different textbooks about a particular topic to break it down for them in a simpler forms.
 Special thanks to Andrew for stopping by. So inspiring! 🙂 

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