A three-year old being compelled to write 1-100? I’m sure at some point we can count to infinity, but that’s not the point! Number work grows overtime, it is the application of the sequence of these numbers that matters. They could literarily recite the same numbers like a magician. What would a three-year old need such skill for?  Through early years of life, children notice and explore mathematical dimensions of their world. They compare quantities, find patterns, navigate in space, and grapple with real problems such as balancing a tall  Lego block or sharing a bowl of biscuits fairly with a playmate. Shouldn’t math at this very young age be concerned about building creative minds? It is bad enough that Math is considered one of the least favorite subjects. It is not even taught in our mother tongue to allow pupils appreciate it’s sequences better. Pupils are taught by rote learning to recite and write 1-100 but if asked where 76 belongs on the line, they are confused. Let them use number and spatial  sense, establish real-life relationships of smaller numbers and perform simple problem solving tasks. Throw away the huge tasking numbers and create a mind that could re-invent Nigeria.

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  2. I do agree with your write up,parents should allow the kids to explore and be creative,rather than making their children go through this at a tender age.Good job dear keep it up.

  3. I agree with with Stella,parents should allow kids to explore and be creative. Some parents fail to see the creativity in their kids cos they are “by the rules kinda parents”.that’s why sometimes It looks as if the white kids are smarter.once again Nicely Written sis.

  4. I for one with a daughter who is 4yrs and another who is 8yrs can understand why we need creativity in maths. It is least favorite just because they hardly practice it.the school or educators need to add more interactive not just plus and minus and also fun ways for the children to understand the significance of numbers! Well done dear.

  5. To the best of my understanding,many parents get excited when their kids can recite or memorize even without understanding the concepts therein.Parents consider it a waste when their kids can’t recite or memorise thereby pushing most teachers to pickup the habits of rote teaching.The few(teachers and parents) that understand what teaching and “true” learning means, knows been able to recite a text book doesn’t mean any learning has taken place in such a child.Allowing children explore under “adequate guidance and supervision” is best.They were born blank so whatever impressions caregivers give remains.Once a child is lucky to be introduced to Mathematic by a teacher who can simplify Maths the same way English and other subjects are taught,then it remains through life unless there are no follow-ups ofcourse.To teach anything well,simplify and teach the concepts behind it.

  6. Hahahaha. Thats the way he understands it. Lets give these kids a break sometimes. At the right time,he will find ’76’ and write it back.

  7. Very well said LC….wonderful blog! People really need to see how important these issues need to be tackled. This is the main reason we do not have geniuses or inventors….the system has to change or we will continue breeding copycats. Our kids are good at calculation and all sorts but lack an understanding of the basic concept. They deserve to be taught right! They deserve the best education! It is their right!

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