4 Common Pronunciation Mistakes That Could Drive One Crazy

I read this from an education blogger called Shelley Emling and I was kind of surprised that the ‘owners’ of the language get it wrong too. Whether we disown or accept English language as ours, it is proper and polite to pronounce it well – especially when one is nabbed in the habit of ‘phonology’.

1. Used/Use
If you’ve previously done something, you USED to do it. For example, one would write or say “I used to go running, but then I broke my leg.” One would not write or say “I use to go running, but then I broke my leg.”
2. Various words with the letter “x” or “x” sound
When you say “escape” it is “es-cape” and not “ex-cape.” And when you say “ask” it is ass-k” and not “axe.” Also, it is ex-cept and not es-cept.
3. Supposedly
There simply is no such word as “supposably.” And it’s “supposed to” and not “suppose to.”
4. Anyway/anyways
Come on… there is no “s” at the end of the word “anyway.”
I actually feel bothered especially in the X in place of  S or vice versa – it is so wrong people! The ‘used’ term is a nice awakening because it is taken for granted here in Nigeria more often than should be. The ‘suppose to’ is common pronunciation mistake here and should be corrected. 

For ‘anyways’ Shirley, my disclaimer as it pertains to its use is that it is often used more as a slang than a proper word…..but this is not to dilute its wrongness.   

Click to read her post here.

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  1. My sista helep me tell them o. You hear such bad English everyday it’s so painful to the hear.

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