Who We Are

The Learning Craft® (TLC)

The Learning Craft® (TLC) is an educational social enterprise. We provide specialised consultancy services in teacher training and the education community. We also serve organisations that are involved in educational services, skills development as well as professional development.

Established in September 2014, we have reached out to thousands of parents and educators through various seminars and workshops. This has given us the privilege to share ideas and experiences in and outside the classroom that support teachers in guiding the success of their learners.

With our dedicated blog, The Learning Craft® shares many useful tips, ideas and experiences to thousands of its followers including educators and even parents.

As part of our commitment to the development of education in Nigeria, we offer special classroom management skills programmes for teachers and classroom assistants, as well as a 'not for profit' initiative that supports the development of inclusive education in Nigeria’s public and low-cost private schools. We also have a Mobile Early Care Centre' programme which is specialised to cater to deprived communities - This is done with the support of partners, governments and other institutional participation.

What We Do

We are a team of learning specialists and curriculum experts who serve mostly educational industry. Our collective expertise offers decades of experience that is useful in helping us continue to offer schools and organizations better options for teacher training and purposeful professional development programmes.

We offer advisory and supervisory services to start-up schools and educational institutions. We also help companies to set up workplace for early learning centres.

They are specialists in curriculum development, early childhood education and special learning needs. We are education advocates with the sole aim of providing access to quality education one child at a time!