Teachers' Network

Training Teachers for Effective Learning

The Learning Craft Teachers’ Network® is an assembly for teachers and educators to share their thoughts, experiences and ideas that aim to benefit teachers and learners. It is a platform where teachers get to talk about what matters to them with a goal to build better classroom experiences in the ‘learning-sphere’.

The Teachers' Network® hopes that this gathering will provide insights that will help member educators and teachers to better connect with each other and each other's ideas. These rubbing of minds and sharing of ideas will hopefully result in improving student- teacher relationships where learners play more part in how teachers teach for a better overall result.

The aim of the conference is to talk about the importance of teachers and teaching, what matters to teachers, to get in touch with the core values of the education profession, and get involved with global best practices.

It is our vision that these series of networking and professional development, will provide our teachers with more skills to better help students. Our intention is to contribute to policies that pursue the advancement of the teaching profession vis-a-vis the national curriculum by laying emphasis on the relevance of good education administration.

Participants who constitute the focus of the programme are teachers, proprietors (school owners), education leaders/advocates, policy makers and other experts. These group of professionals will be regular participants in the Teachers' Network® sessions.

Join us in our bi-annual seminar/conference where teachers, educators, and child development professionals come together

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8.30 - 18.30
Saturday: 10.30 - 16.30
Sunday: 10.30 - 16:30