Our Team

Meet our team

Rhoda Odigboh

Rhoda is an educational trainer and consultant. She is am expert in early childhood education and curriculum theory. As a teacher, her vision is to contribute to providing access to quality education for the average Nigerian child. She is an active advocate for inclusion, ICT and green education. A member of the Association for Childhood Education International.

Management Team
Casimir Iyke Ekwerike

Casmir is a Curriculum Consultant, Education Expert and Advocate, Teacher at the University of Lagos. He has a wide range of experience in both teacher and student education, and has contributed to various educational forums and articles.

Maureen Ihonor Education

Maureen is a global advocate for young children speaking at various international forums for Children's rights. She is an avid supporter and contributor to 'Green Education' which focuses on Nature's collaboration with every learning platform for children.