Eco Club

Eco Club

The Learning Craft Eco-club® is a fun way for children (and young teens), to to learn about conservation and the need to preserve our ecosystem.
The programme combines Ecotourism, conservation and earth science education in a unique involving way, built around group activities. It is conveniently designed to fit into the holiday/vacation period of the student school calendar, giving them something to look forward to! The Learning Craft Eco-club® offers a good opportunity for students to learn about Ecotourism or sustainable tourism hands-on: they visit different natural locations connecting the values of conservation and ecotourism on the environment, as they consider what part they would like to play in the process.
The Eco-Club aims to get children involved in conservation by making them aware of the merits and benefits, not just to them, but their communities. It also educates young learner's on how conservation saves the environment and connects the world as a whole with everyone in it.

Ecotourism: Ecotourism is the same as sustainable tourism. This is when people visit away from the normal place they live or work to another place for a while for the sake of enjoying the natural benefits of their host communities.
Points of note for this kind of visit include;
       How the host communities consider the effect of your visit on their society in years to come.
       Its impact on their environment, culture, and social economy.
While doing this, they will aim to meet the needs of their guest, "you"!
It means that you the guest as well as the host community do the responsible thing to preserve the society; for the benefit of the way of life of the people and their environment.

Conservation: Conservation is the preservation and careful management of the environment of the environment and of its natural resources. It teaches that just because you have a lot of something doesn't mean that its a good idea to use it all up at once!

Earth science: Earth science is the science taht deals with the physical make up of the earth and its atmosphere- Volcanic eruptions, Hurricanes, Floods and El Nino are natuarally occurring events which humans cannot control. But can human activities cause additional environmental changes?

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Next TLC Eco-Club Program

Date: 20th, Jan, 2015
Time: 1pm to 5pm
Venue: Park

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