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These are all tips from the previous blog. Please go through them and leave your contributions and/or suggestions.

Tip of the Day

Empower your child! Listen to his or her ideas and provide appropriate opportunities for your child to participate in decision-making.

Even if you disagree with their choices, try not to vehemently show it. Give thoughtful reasons why you disagree; especially if you think they need additional skills/talent to do so. Ultimately, support their idea by making them practice the skill needed to develop that idea so they can learn to make proper decisions about it. In time, you would both know what’s just right.
Children need to ‘dream and wish for’, or they will ‘shrivel and shrink’ and become less than they are. Allow a little bit of mess around the home or accept a ‘less than appropriate’ behaviour sometimes. Try your best not to kill CREATIVITY. A creative child is an asset to you and the world.

Tip of the Day

Be mindful of your child’s relationship with their teacher/s. Always seek to know more by asking questions like, “how do you feel about this subject?”. Children will always link the answer to the teacher. If you discover any disturbing situation, be quick to listen, seek help and act accordingly but lovingly.

Reason: Teachers are powerful mentors, they can either make or mar your child’s love for a subject.

Tip of the Day 

Be clear and firm about what’s really funny and what’s not. As your child develops their sense of humor, they’ll push the boundaries. Be clear about what’s inappropriate and why.

Tip of the Day 

Always stay with your children when they haven’t fears. Hug them and tell stories of success that counter those particular fears.Most importantly, be a listening ear, an encouraging voice and a helping hand.

Tip of the Day

Let your kids know that you recognize and appreciate their talents, capabilities, and discoveries. The knowledge of your appreciation inspires them to be more intuitive and creative with their given track of skills.

Tip of the Day

Talk about the value of education. Even if school isn’t always easy, that doesn’t mean that it’s not important. Emphasize how working hard at school will help your kids succeed as often as possible. Kids always need reminders on topics such as this.

Tip of the Day
Create a homework spot. Ideally you should find a place where you can sit right next to your child. You can pay bills, do work, or read while your child studies.

Tip of the Day
Talk with your kids about what they’re seeing in movies and TV shows. Point out what you admire—and what you don’t. Explain why.

Tip of the Day
Discuss with your kids when they make poor decisions about money. All of them do! Teach how they can make better money choices next time. Remember you have to make them see you making informed decisions about money. Point out your own mistakes and what you have learnt from them.

Tip of the Day
Instead of thinking only about what you can teach your kids, figure out what they’re teaching you. Adults have been known to learn from children as well.

Tip of the Day
Tell your kids that you are proud of them. Give them concrete reasons why are you are. It is important to reassure your children as often as possible. It builds confident children.

Tip of the Day
Help your kids cope well when bad things happen by teaching and encouraging them to be resilient. Talking about the event with them is a great way to start but be careful to use words wisely. Stay away from recounting the horrid experience but telling them what has been learnt about it by giving precautionary measures.

Tip of the Day Schedule family time on a regular basis so that everyone isn’t always going in different directions. It would be important to discuss movements such that family bonding time is not reduced. This is usually experienced when kids become adolescents.  Talk about the importance of spending quality time together often by expressing the joys of

Tip of the Day
Always tell your kids how much you love them and how much you love being around them. Be genuine all the time because kids can decipher what’s true.

Tip of the Day
Teach your kids how to make good decisions. Explain that making good decisions sometimes means changing your mind and there is nothing wrong with that.

Tip of the Day
Notice when your kids are empathetic. Point out that you like this, and encourage their empathy to grow.

Tip of the Day Reflect on some of the good decisions you haven taken. Know that you are doing right. Parents tend to be overwhelmed with trying to raise good kids and quickly forget that they probably already have good kids. Take this special moment out for reassurance.

Tip of the Day

When you get upset with your kids, stop and take deep breaths. Calm down before you decide what to do next.

Tip of the Day

~Set clear rules for how you want your child to act. Then have clear consequences when those rules are violated.

Tip of the Day 01/03/2014

~Most of us fall into this easily. However we can remind ourselves and correct ourselves as we make them.

~Regard each child as a unique and creative individual, avoiding verbal comparisons to their siblings and peers, such as “When your brother was your age…” or “Your friend never does that.”

Tip of the day
Teach your children that kids who pressure them to do things they know they shouldn’t do are not true friends at all. Talk about times when you had to let go of a friendship that wasn’t helpful to focus on friendships that were progressive to your work and life in general. Use concrete examples.

Tip of the Day
Tell your kids what’s special about them and that your love for them will never end. Some parents think children just know these things. They won’t, unless they hear it directly from you.

Tip of the Day

In the season of sharing and showing love, gather your family together for a nice lunch or dinner. Make sure to talk about all you enjoy doing together. Talk about your plans for the future. You could throw in making hand crafted gifts you could all create together as a family such as hand written cards. Children always love sharing these kinds of moments with parents. They leave a long lasting impression.
Have a great learning day.


Tip of the Day
1. Help your child learn to brainstorm and choose solutions to problems so that he or she learns to be empowered.
2. When you and your child disagree, be respectful and let her or him know it’s okay for people in families to have different opinions and that you still care.


Tip of the Day
Do you know that your expectations for your child can be as bad as it can be good? It is a delicate balancing act which parents should endeavour to act wisely. Ultimately, you just want you kid to be successful and that is the way to go!
Maria Montessori understood the need for children to work independently when surmounting obstacles faced. She knew that parents could hurt their children’s development by presenting such obstacles to them at every step.
Her solution was to give a clear and quiet presentation in her practical life classes such as preparing a snack or polishing a shoe and allowed the child to discover their strength in beating any challenge. It worked magically. It works the same way in dealing with Math or Writing problems.
Tip: Work closely with your child but allow independence. Guide them through the ‘discovery of an obstacle’ phase but do not lead the discovery. They become natural problem solvers when allowed to complete tasks independently.


Tip of the Day
If you are the parent of a young child, break new tasks and skills into small, manageable steps that he or she can master without becoming too frustrated.
For example, if your child is beginning to read and is struggling with blending the sounds together, go back to 2-letter words to emphasize the patterns in stringing letter sounds together while gradually increasing number of letters in words. You will certainly begin to see progress.

Have a great learning day!


Valentine’s Day Tip


Teach & Show Children the Meaning of Love


These can be used throughout the year to show your children you love them:


Express “I love you” in words and notes. A simple note that says, “I love you,” under a pillow, in a schoolbag, or a lunch bag can remind your child throughout the day of your love for them, even when you’re not together.


Spend meaningful time with your children. As busy parents, we often find ourselves rushing from place to place and chore to chore. Even though it’s difficult, turn off the television, put down the cell phone, and spend meaningful time with your child, rather than just near him. A simple place to start is to have dinner as a family as often as possible. Turn the television off and talk; talk about your day, your friends, maybe even take turns asking “what would you do if…” questions.

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