The Learning Craft® (TLC) is an educational social enterprise.

We provide specialized consultancy services in teacher training and the education community. We also serve organizations that are involved in educational services, skills development as well as professional development.

We are a team of learning specialists and curriculum experts who serve mostly educational industry.

Our collective expertise offers decades of experience that is useful in helping us continue to offer schools and organizations better options for teacher training and purposeful professional development programmes.

We offer advisory and supervisory services to start-up schools and educational institutions. We also help companies to set up workplace for early learning centres.

As part of our commitment to the development of education in Nigeria,

we offer special classroom management skills programmes for teachers and classroom assistants, as well as a 'not for profit' initiative that supports the development of inclusive education in Nigeria’s public and low-cost private schools.


The Learning Craft works with schools and institutions aiming to add value with their training programmes. We work with you to infuse an effective method suited to your goals to provide needed results.


The Learning Craft(R) curriculum specifies ten learning areas: English Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Design and Technology, The Arts, Health and Physical education, Learning Languages, and Citizenship.


The Learning Craft curriculum identifies three key areas as valuable to defining the required value based training: Connections, Competency, and Result Oriented feedback.

We're here for you...

The Learning Craft is an education consultancy firm focused on training and development programmes for teachers, administrators and parents. We provide various key special classroom management skills, create improved and conducive working and learning environments for teachers and students and provide enriching parenting skills.


The Learning Craft Eco-club® is a fun way for children (and young teens), to to learn about conservation and the need to preserve our ecosystem. The programme combines Ecotourism, conservation and earth science education in a unique involving way, built around group activities.